Kids Are Weird by Jeffrey Brown
“Researchers have found that newborn Japanese babies can distinguish between the English “L” and “R” sounds, but if not exposed to Western languages, they begin to lose that ability — not by the age of 6 or even 3 — but by eight months.”
“Researchers have discovered that if you cool babies, by that I mean keep them at 33C (91F), shortly after they’re born, then chances are they’ll end up smarter. That and the risk they’ll develop a disability decreases significantly. The sample size for this study was 300, and the babies had their IQ tested when they hit either six or seven years old.”

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Miniature Book by Little Literature

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Photo by Seth Casteel

“Scientists say that if they’re given permission, then in two years they can start making babies with three parents as opposed to the traditional two. How would that work? I’m not even going to bother trying to explain it since this article has a series of photos that makes the process incredibly clear. For those who are wondering: It would be two females and one male.”